Sunny + Olive's Holiday Gift Guide

Sunny + Olive's Holiday Gift Guide

Um excuse me how is it already CHRISTMAS? Holiday shopping is officially in full swing and gift items are FLYING off the shelves! Don't be that person that waits until the day before shopping ... yup, I'm looking at you 👀 Let's get this holiday shopping party started EARLY with a gift guide from Sunny + Olive!


We have LOTS of unique gift items for the ones you love, and I promise they're going to love these!


First things first, you CANNOT go wrong with a gift card. If you know someone who LOVES Sunny + Olive, or clothing in general, get them a gift card! DUH! This allows them to pick out their own gift AND gives them a reason to come visit one of their favorite places ❤️ You can snag these online and in store!


We all know someone with a journal addiction (ahem, me), and we've got lots of different journals to choose from! Self love journals to help you on your individual journey to self love and acceptance, a meal journal which allows you to plan your meals for the week, create a grocery list, and take that list with you to the store, a to-do weekly journal which keeps you organized and ready to go every week, and of course just a basic writing journal. You cannot go wrong with any (or all) of these unique journals!



Beer glass cans are ALLLLL the rage this year! And for good reason too! Not only are they adorable, but they make our morning coffees that much more enjoyable! Think of how much money you'll save when you're excited to use this cup for your at home coffee instead of going to Starbucks? Like ... a lot. There are so many designs to choose from, too! Come visit us and check out what we have in stock!



Know a small business owner? Or someone who just LOVES small businesses? We have I ❤️ Small Business merch! T-shirts, pins, and stickers! Wear your support loud and proud! With such adorable designs, comfortable materials, AND you're supporting TWO small business, what more could you want?



Stickers, stickers, and more stickers - we have LOTS! and adorable designs too! There is absolutely something for everyone; from books, to plants, to self love and empowerment, to inclusivity, and so much more. People LOVE stickers and they're such a thoughtful and inexpensive gift that allows people to be loud about who they are!


We also have the cutest claw clips, which are absolutely back in style. The 90's are BACK baby! Different designs, shapes, colors and sizes - we have one for every person and every hair style! Inexpensive, practical, and CUTE. They're calling your name!



You know what else is coming back? MACRAME! Yup, I bet you're regretting selling all of your macrame crafts years and years ago!


Coasters, plant hangers, earrings, car freshies, and even DIY kits! Spice up your home with these adorable hand made gifts. Your friends and family will LOVE them!


Keychain wristlets? YUP, WE GOT EM! and lots of em! Know someone who loses their keys a lot? Well, I'd like to say this will help but I'm not so sure 😂. Either way, at least they're cute! These wristlets are AWESOME to wrap your keys around your wrist when you need to use your hands for something else - and long gone are the days where we carry around bulky purses! Practical and cute? Count me in! Looking at my new key wristlet makes me a happy peach.



Oh yeah, we have gifts for men too! Beard oil, beard amplifier, body wash, cologne rollers, deodorant, flasks, beer bottle holders, and MORE! So yeah, we got your dad, brother, and husband covered too! And friends, this stuff smells SO GOOD!



Listen, you can never have too many candles, ok? These candles smell AMAZING and waft alll throughout the house! Van Jo Candle Co has the most unique and yummy scents. Also, they're CUTE! Smell goods and home decor? Check!



We have some AMAZING and unique hand crafted jewelry all throughout the store and from several different businesses! Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and so much more. Diamonds are a girls best friend amiright? Well, we don't have diamonds, but we do have some beautiful and affordable jewelry! And that's like .. the same thing.



These slippers? WHEWWWW probably our best selling item! I CANNOT keep them stocked, so they'll go quick! They are loved by EVERYONE and so dang comfy! I own 3 pairs. THREE! They're an incredible gift item and I highly recommend you come snag em quick!



I know we all HATED getting socks as kids, but can we all agree that socks are a top tier gift item? I loooove these socks! I wear them so often. The colors are so perfect for so many outfits and they are to die for SOFT! They look so dang cute with booties or lounging around the house. We have ankle socks as well as knee high! 



We all love a good beanie! I especially love these beanies because they're so soft and thick - they feel like butter. The colors are so unique, and they're shallow so no weird lump atop your head! You know the one. These beanies are everything and come highly recommended!



We may be small, but the gift ideas are abundant! Guess you'll just have to stop in to see what I mean 👀


Gift buying season is hectic, so I hope this lil guide has helped you come up with some gift ideas for your friends and family! Remember to support small this holiday season! We small businesses survive off holiday sales and your support means so much more than we could ever put into words!


We hope to see you soon! Thanks for reading ❤️



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