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We give your gently-used, name brand clothing a second, third or fourth chance at life.

We believe sustainable fashion is the future and rewearing outfits is the new black.

We're here to help you elevate your closet at affordable prices (like 50%-95% off retail). We do the work for you so you can look effortlessly cool.

Welcome, friend. You belong here.


We're Sunny + Olive

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01. The Vibes

What started as a clothing boutique quickly turned into the spot to find gently used, sustainable, high end fashion, books, and more. As our world begins shifting to a more sustainable future, we recognized the need to stop contributing to fast fashion, and instead give your fave quality items a second, third or fourth chance at life.

We already have everything we need; there's no need to buy new. 

Sunny + Olive

02. the owner

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03. the why

Used clothing, plants, books, good music, good vibes, good people, what could be better?

The goal of Sunny + Olive is to give people a place to be themselves while helping to save the planet.

We carry women's clothing in sizes xxs through 5x. Jeans, sweaters, dresses, skirts, and more. From vintage items to today's current trends. 

The Vibes

Step into our oasis

Never been thrifting before or it overwhelms you? Our shop is small and easy to navigate making it the perfect place for baby thrifters!

We are located in Milton's historical district just down the street from the old Milton College campus. Our building is just over 130 years old with unique original features.  

the owner

We hope you can find something you absolutely love, and if not we hope you enjoy the vibes we work so hard to create! We never want anyone to feel left out or uncomfortable. No judgement, just good vibes.



Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd own a thrift store. I think back to the days when Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" song was overplayed on the radio and as much as I loved the song AND thrifting, I never thought I'd be here, running my very own thrift shop and poppin tags.

My perfect day consists of books, thrift shops, plants, and an amazing cup of coffee. I'm so blessed that my lil ol' shop in the heart of Milton offers all of those things with a coffee stop just down the road!

Thrifting has allowed me to find my own individual style, learn to accept my body, and realize just how arbitrary clothing sizes are. I absolutely LOVE reusing clothing and finding new, awesome ways to style it. I'm beyond excited to help other women do the same. 

We are all such unique individuals and our sense of style should clearly reflect that. Thrifting allows you to try things you normally wouldn't (without breaking the bank). It allows you to be creative, show off your fashion talents, help save the world, and so much more. Big fan, my friends, big fan. 


The Why

The Why

Sunny + Olive originally opened in 2022 as a clothing and accessories boutique.

I get asked a lot, "why did you make the switch?"

The simple answer is, I'm not a boutique owner.

The nitty gritty answer: I never felt connected to the boutique side of things. I didn't have a "why". I was just going through the motions because that's what was expected of me as a store owner.  I didn't enjoy shopping for new merchandise, or vetting vendors, tagging and pricing a bajillion of the same item, trying to sell on social media, carrying the same things that every other boutique carried, etc. Believe me, I know what being passionate about something feels like, and I wasn't passionate about being a boutique owner. 

I am, however, passionate about helping women learn to love themselves and their bodies and teaching them that it's okay to wear whatever the hell you want that makes you feel good.

I'm also very passionate about finding the needle in a haystack when it comes to thrifting quality clothing ... and figuring out what my own personal style is ... and saving the Earth ... and books ... and growing plants ... and music ... and good vibes. 

So I decided to do something that felt like ME and something that made ME happy which allows me to better take care of others. 

I wanted to create a place that spread good vibes, that accepted anyone and everyone, that helped people learn to love themselves, that helps save the Earth, and that prides itself on good fashion at affordable prices. 

So welcome to Sunny + Olive 2.0: The Resale Shop

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Located at

613 W Madison Ave, Milton, WI 53563
Next to Red Rooster in the Old Junction Mill

Store hours

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10-6 pm
Wednesday: 10-5 pm
Thursday: 10-6 pm
Friday: 10-5 pm
Saturday: 10-5 pm
Sunday: 11-4 pm

How to consign

Store Hours + Location

Frequently Asked questions

Q. Do you need an appointment?

A. Yes! You can make an appointment with us here

Q. What items are you accepting?

A. Gently used, high quality, name brand clothing, accessories, bags, and books!
You can find more info on our appointment page.


Frequently Asked questions

Q. How do we get paid?

A. Once an item sells, 50% of the sales price is added to your account. Come in anytime to redeem for cash or in store credit.

Q. Will you notify us that our 60 days is up?

A. Yes! We will send you an email once your items are ready to be picked up. You have one week from the date of the email to pick up your items. 


Frequently Asked questions

Q. Where do you donate items that haven't sold?

A. We donate your items to a variety of nonprofits like women's shelters, domestic abuse shelters, schools, and more.

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Q. How do i cancel my appointment?

A. You can cancel your appointment by using the link at the bottom of your confirmation email or sending us a message.


We'll be in contact soon!

In the meantime, be sure to check out our social media to stay up to date on whats going on!

Have a fantastic day :)

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