01. The Vibes

What started as a clothing boutique quickly turned into the spot to find gently used, sustainable, quality fashion, books, and more. As our world begins shifting to a more sustainable future, we recognized the need to stop contributing to fast fashion, and instead give your fave quality items a second, third or fourth chance at life.

We already have everything we need; there's no need to buy new. 

Sunny + Olive

02. the team

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03. the why

The Vibes

Sunny + Olive is home to Good books, cute clothes, and local small businesses

When you walk into our shop you're immediately greeted by friendly faces, a warm atmosphere, adorably dressed mannequins, and organized racks full of quality items at secondhand prices. 

We carry women's and men's clothing in expansive sizes, as well as accessories, shoes, and bags. We even carry some vintage and maternity! 

Our shop is two floors full of unique clothing, and trinkets from 15 local small businesses. 

We pride ourselves on being inclusive, open-minded, and having good taste 🤪

Our inventory is ever-changing and we are always improving. Come give us a chance!

We're not your regular thrift shop.

Our Mission

Our Mission

At our core, we are committed to revolutionizing the shopping experience for every customer who walks through our doors. We believe in fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to express their individuality. Our mission is to provide a distinctive and sustainable approach to clothing retail, where transparency, goodwill, collaboration, and continuous improvement are not just words, but guiding principles ingrained in every facet of our operation.

We strive to offer more than just products; we aim to curate an experience that resonates with the values of our diverse clientele. Through transparent sourcing practices and ethical production methods, we ensure that every item in our store aligns with our commitment to sustainability. By fostering collaboration with like-minded partners and communities, we enrich our offerings and expand our impact, driving positive change within the industry.

Above all, we are dedicated to continuous improvement, constantly seeking new ways to enhance the customer experience, minimize our environmental footprint, and promote social responsibility. With every interaction, every purchase, and every decision we make, we are driven by a shared vision of creating a better world—one where fashion is not just about what we wear, but how we wear it, with pride, purpose, and a profound respect for people and planet.

Our vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead a global movement towards a more sustainable future by championing the principles of reuse, reducing textile waste, and advocating for the values of slow fashion over fast fashion. We envision a world where landfills are not overflowing with discarded clothing but instead, textiles are cherished, repurposed, and given new life. Through our commitment to promoting conscious consumerism, we aspire to inspire individuals to make thoughtful choices that prioritize quality, longevity, and environmental responsibility.

Central to our vision is the belief that fashion should be a source of empowerment and self-expression, not a cause of insecurity or dissatisfaction. We are dedicated to helping our customers and followers embrace their unique bodies and personalities by providing them with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration to dress in a way that makes them feel confident, comfortable, and authentically themselves.

Furthermore, we are deeply committed to expanding our charitable efforts and community-focused initiatives. We aim to leverage our platform and resources to make a positive impact on the lives of others, whether through supporting local organizations, fostering sustainable development projects, or empowering underserved communities. By fostering a culture of generosity, compassion, and inclusivity, we strive to create a more equitable and harmonious society for all.

The Vibes

Meet the team

The owner

Full-time day dreamer, part-time shop owner.

Amy came up with the idea for Sunny + Olive when she tried opening a size-inclusive boutique and decided "this isn't for me" 

just six months later. A professional pivoter, she recognized the need to switch from "new" to "used" in a world that over-consumes and is slowly changing to the narrative that secondhand is best.

Amy finds joy in the eclectic and weird. She loves reading, writing, photography, and her dog. If she's not at the shop, she's exploring new places with her husband, trying her hand at baking a new dessert, or trying not to suck at sports.

Follow her on instagram: 


Caitlin is the one who holds us all together and the creative genius behind S+O.

With a passion for fashion, she is the expert at creating funky fits and 

making sure you know your butt looks great in those pants. She may be a bit shy and standoffish at first, but we promise she is the sweetest soul. 

When not at the shop you can find Caitlin snuggled up with her pups and watching Harry Potter or thrift shopping with her sister. She loves Disney, the color purple, and anything spooky.

Make sure you say hi next time you're in!


The Why

Sunny + Olive originally opened in 2022 as a clothing and accessories boutique.

I get asked a lot, "why did you make the switch?"

The simple answer is, I'm not a boutique owner.

The nitty gritty answer: I never felt connected to the boutique side of things. I didn't have a "why". I was just going through the motions because that's what was expected of me as a store owner.  I didn't enjoy shopping for new merchandise, or vetting vendors, tagging and pricing a bajillion of the same item, trying to sell on social media, carrying the same things that every other boutique carried, etc. Believe me, I know what being passionate about something feels like, and I wasn't passionate about being a boutique owner. 

I am, however, passionate about helping women learn to love themselves and their bodies and teaching them that it's okay to wear whatever the hell you want that makes you feel good.

I'm also very passionate about finding the needle in a haystack when it comes to thrifting quality clothing ... and figuring out what my own personal style is ... and saving the Earth ... and books ... and growing plants ... and music ... and good vibes. 

So I decided to do something that felt like ME and something that made ME happy which allows me to better take care of others. 

I wanted to create a place that spread good vibes, that accepted anyone and everyone, that helped people learn to love themselves, that helps save the Earth, and that prides itself on good fashion at affordable prices. 

So welcome to Sunny + Olive 2.0: The Resale Shop

From owner, Amy kelley

Thanks, I got it at Sunny + Olive

We are constantly rotating our inventory so you never know what you're going to find when you stop in! Here's some gems our customers have found in our store!

From funky prints, to flowy dresses. From sunglasses to books. We carry such a wide variety of items it's always a treasure hunt!

I will talk up Sunny + Olive Co any chance I get! They do an amazing job of keeping it organized, clean and it is such a welcoming space! I very rarely walk out of there without finding something new to add to my closet. I love how they support other local businesses by shoutouts and carrying their products in store. I know they both work hard to bring in new items on rotation for their shoppers. 💯 worth stopping in on a regular basis!

- Lindsay H

Had a fantastic experience here. A beautiful and friendly space. Amy is so kind and keeps fun pieces in stock for plus size folks! Love my new candle as well. Will definitely return again🫶

- Brandi M

The owner is FANTASTIC and very passionate about thrifting and sustainability. The clothes and extras she has chosen to sell in her shop are adorable and high-quality. The atmosphere is welcoming and fun! A great place to shop for size-inclusive secondhand women’s clothing!

- Cassie

This is the cutest clothing shop I’ve been to in a long time, especially outside of Madison. The clothes, accessories, vibe, and owner is amazing! I was pleasantly surprised to find several items with new tags but even without them, the clothes looked new. I’ve been trying to keep to a minimalist wardrobe and it was difficult to narrow down my purchases here. I’m looking forward to coming back!

- M S

I have shopped at Sunny + Olive many many times and I always walk out with an arm load of awesome cloths, designer brands included. I love the quaintness of the store, and the staff is always kind and helpful. I even enjoy the music they play while I go through the racks of clothes, shoes and my favorite item designer purses. thank you Sunny + Olive for keeping these items affordable.

- Tammy R

Go here, you will love it! On my first trip, I found a pair of shoes and four pieces of clothing, plus some small business stickers. I am usually overwhelmed in these shops but Amy organizes it so well. I am already looking forward to my next trip! And my 7 year-old daughter says the shop is “so cute” including the name Sunny + Olive Co. Thank you Amy!

- Suzanne

I recently discovered Sunny + Olive, and immediately fell in love! This shop has forever changed the way I consume fashion. I can easily keep my closet refreshed because the clothing and accessories in this shop are perfectly curated with both trendy and staple pieces of the highest quality, and yet the prices are so affordable. I also feel like I’m giving back to the community, and the planet, while also treating myself. It is truly a win win experience. Sunny + Olive is such a gem!

- Tarah T

What a super fun store! I've bought and sold clothes at Sunny + Olive and have had fantastic experiences on both ends. I've found really cute clothes here and some real funky jewelry. I love that everything is unique and LOVE that they sell books now too. Their new space is beautiful and the owner and employees are so nice and helpful. 10/10 would recommend!

- Katie G

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