And some quick tips on how to clean out your closet If you’re reading this, I’m guessing at some point you started asking “what the heck is my personal style???” and ended up realizing you had absolutely no idea. You know there’s a sweater in your closet that you love, and there are items brand […]

It’s so easy to get sucked into buying everything when you’re out shopping at thrift stores because everything is so cheap. You think “well, this sweater is only $10 so what’s it gonna hurt?”. But those cheap sweaters add up, and suddenly your closet is packed, you’re broke, and you still have nothing to wear. […]

Women’s clothing sizes have always been a mystery. I think we can all agree that most of time, clothing sizes make zero sense. Why can I fit in a size 14 in one brand, but a size 18 in another brand is too small? Why does this small top look huge, but this 3X top […]

Boutique owning isn’t for everyone. And especially not for me. Resale though? That’s my freakin’ JAM. Let’s dive into why I switched from a boutique to a consignment shop.